Founded in 1925, the National Bar Association (NBA) is the nation's oldest and largest association of African American lawyers and judges.

How the Law Treats You Differently When You Turn 18
The National Bar Association’s Pipeline Diversity Initiative strives to foster a positive relationship with the youth of America, to encourage good citizenship, and to foster a pipeline for future members of the legal professions.  Their efforts resulted in the creation of this pamphlet, which presents youth with a brief summary of key rights and responsibilities which they gain upon their 18th birthday.  Topics included in the pamphlet range from civic responsibility, contracts, and employment, to criminal responsibility and obtaining a drivers license.  

The Path to the Federal Bench
The National Bar Association, in collaboration with other legal groups and minority bar associations, helped to create and publish a guide for minority lawyers on how to successfully navigate the White House nomination process and the rigors of Senate confirmation.  The booklet describes the varied paths taken by six key federal judges.  The primary focus and goal of the publication is to diversify the next generation of judges by revealing the somewhat obscure path to becoming a Federal Judge.  


Building Futures
This pamphlet is part of the NBA’s “Lifting as We Climb” series of publications and was published in commemoration of Law Day.  The publication is intended to serve as a career planning guide for students.  The NBA is continuously striving to further its relationship with the National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA).  With this publication, the NBA in conjunction with NBLSA serves the dual purpose of encouraging its members to engage in early career planning during law school and after graduation as well as to inform students of nontraditional career opportunities available to law school graduates.  It also includes a brief discussion of the origins and purpose of Law Day, the history and organization of the NBA, NBA member benefits, and advice on finding a career niche within or outside of the legal profession.


National Bar Association 2010 Annual Report


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