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Board of Governors

Carlos Moore


Lonita Baker

President - Elect

Dominique D. Calhoun

Vice President Finance

Sekou Gary

Vice President Membership

Lamont Bailey

Vice President Divisions & Sections

Henry E. Floyd, Jr.

Vice President Regions & Affiliates

Ashley Upkins, II


Nicholas K. Austin


Chanell Autrey


Hon. Anne-Marie Clarke, (Retired)


Khyla D. Craine


L. Priscilla Hall


Tamara F. Lawson


Kimberley Ann Ward


Alicia Hughes


Sean Pittman

General Counsel

Charles Tucker, Jr.

Chief of Staff

Maurice Foster

Interim Executive Director

Standing Committees

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Employment Opportunities

Executive Director, National Bar Association (Washington, D.C.)

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Regions, Sections, and Divisions


Region I

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, & U.S. Virgin Islands

Regional Director: Miniard Culpepper

Region II

Connecticut, New York & Vermont

Regional Director: Ghenya Grant

Region III

Delaware, Pennsylvania, & New Jersey

Regional Director: Nilaja Ford

Region IV

Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina,

West Virginia & Virginia

Regional Director: Shawn McGruder

Region V

Louisiana, Mississippi, & Texas

Regional Director: Joi Owens

Region VI

Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan & Tennessee

Regional Director: Kimberley Ann Ward

Region VII

Indiana, Illinois, & Wisconsin

Regional Director: Natalie Howse

Region VIII

Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota & South Dakota

Regional Director: Karen Jordan

Region IX

Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington & Guam

Regional Director: Tamara Benefield

Region X

Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, & Wyoming

Regional Director: Hon. Shauna Graves-Robertson

Region XI

Alabama, Florida, & Georgia

Regional Director: Grasford Smith

Region XII

Washington D.C.

Regional Director: Andre Bruce


Administrative Law


Alternative Dispute Resolution Law

Dean Burrell

Appellate Law

LaKeila Stemmons

Bankruptcy Law

Frank Morris

Civil Rights Law

Tanya Clay House

Civil Trial Advocacy

Vanita M. Banks

Commercial Law

Torrance Phillips

Communications Law

Janenn Lofton

Corporate Law

Twanda Turner Hawkins

Criminal Law and Juvenile Justice

Leslie Thomas

Entertainment, Sports, and Arts Law

Ricky Anderson

Environmental, Energy, and Public Utilities Law

Benjamin F. Wilson

Family Law

Jawan Finley

Government Procurement Law

Liza Craig

Health Law

Charise Frazier

Immigration Law


Intellectual Property Law

Danielle Bulger


Bert Jennings


Lamont Bailey

International Law

Simone Williams

Labor and Employment Law

Kevin D. Reese
Law and Religion Section

Rickey Nelson Jones

Veterans and Military Law Section

Louis “Jamie” Boston

Real Estate and Probate Law

Reginald Long

Small Business Law

J. Goodwille Pierre, M. Ed. JD

Tax Law

Shelia Harvey


Government Lawyers

Arlene Knighten

Judicial Council

Hon. Monte Watkins

Law Professors

Dean Tamara Lawson

Law Students

Stephanie Arthur

Legislative Law

Charlyn Stanberyy

LGBTQ Division

Jon Patterson

Minority Partners in Majority Firms

Grasford Smith

Small Firms and Solo Practitioners

Marwan Porter


Amanda Stewart

Women Lawyers

Sharon Bridges

Young Lawyers

Chloe Woods

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