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Election Protection Committee

As co-chairs of the NBA Election Protection Task Force, we ask for your support in the NBA’s voter and election protection initiatives. We heard President CK Hoffler charge to battle this pandemic which threatens the 2020 elections and our democracy. 

Because of your dynamic role in the community, we know that you understand what’s at stake. We ask that NBA chapter affiliates take the lead on initiatives under the NBA umbrella in your local area through these simple yet critical steps. First, please share this communication with your larger local and state bar associations, and second, encourage each member of your chapter to volunteer. For this initiative to be successful, we need every chapter and every member to participate.  

As a lawyer dedicated to social justice, we know your commitment to promoting and preserving democracy and the true meaning of “one man, one vote.” We ask you to volunteer in a meaningful way to assist in the voter and election protection. Please volunteer to work as a hotline team leader, rapid responder for pleading drafting and/or litigation filing, and/or as a field program poll watcher/monitor. 

Lawyers serve a special role in protecting and preserving democracy. Certain tasks can only be done by lawyers, placing us in great demand. Please let us know the efforts underway in your communities and how your members are engaged in those efforts. Please click on the link here to report. It is important that we can properly track and count the pro bono efforts of member lawyers on voter protection. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are a team; we are here to help.  

As you work with coalition partners, know that you can come to us with any questions or to note any challenges or problems. Please contact us by sending an email to or call the NBA office at 202-842-3900. You can also complete the form at the bottom of this page, and we will respond as soon as possible.  

  • Carlos E. Moore

  • Leslie Fields

  • Barbara Arnwine

  • Tanya Clay House


Carlos Moore, Co-chair 
NBA Region 5

Leslie Fields, Co-chair 
NBA Region 12

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As lawyers, we are uniquely positioned to address legal inequalities; certain duties we have are simply non-delegable. We are asking you to volunteer for roles that only lawyers can perform to protect again voter and election suppression. Please volunteer to serve as a hotline team leader or lawyer volunteer to answer voter questions. Voters might have questions or face confusion on processes for mail-in ballots and other matters. Please volunteer to be a rapid responder, draft and file pleadings, and where needed, present in court and make oral arguments to get ballots counted. Please volunteer for the field program and serve as poll watchers and poll monitors on Election Day. 


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View our Election Protection resources below

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Other Ways to Get Involved

Answer important questions
at one of our voter assistance call centers

We support voters by answering their questions, helping them navigate the voting process,
and responding to reports of problems.

Assist voters at the polls through
our Field Programs

In select locations, we send volunteers to the polls
to answer voter questions in person and respond
to any voting issues that arise.

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